Today is special day to remember and honor all of our Veteran Heroes who have served for the sake of our country’s freedom.  On this Veterans Day 2012, I would like to call attention to the staggering Statistics of the Veterans & Homelessness.

Unfortunately there are over a million veterans who are at risk of becoming homeless while there are thousands already living without shelter. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans estimates that on any given night, 200,000 veterans are homeless, and 400,000 veterans will experience homelessness during the course of a year (National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, 2006).  According to the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2008, 97% of those homeless veterans were males.  The staggering numbers are heart breaking to know that these Veterans are becoming part of our Homeless and Poverty population.

The Primary causes of homelessness among veterans include a variety of reasons. Reasons include their limited education or transferable skills to civilian life. Therefore there is a lack of income to live on and this is especially affecting the younger population that served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Other reasons include physical issues/disabilities related to combat, substance abuse, mental health issues combined with a lack of services impedes their sustainability in society.

As a country we must help raise awareness for the need of assistance for our Veterans and keep them off the streets without shelter. Please remember that those that are homeless have circumstances that are out of their control and just need a helping hand to keep them in society today.