I had finally been able to accomplish one of my goals in my outreach plan to help children in Uganda back in August of 2013.  As I had mentioned in the past, I wanted to visit the Village of Kitafaali in the Masaka District of Uganda to personally assess what would be needed for their orphanage’s schools and village. I was able to visit and donated a few items on my trip.  Much needed items I could bring were over-the-counter medicine for colds and fevers (Children’s : Motrin/Tylenol/Dimetapp) to help the young children, as well as school items including spiral notebooks, crayons, and pencils.

There are 2 separate schools, 1st One Fit 4 Life Children’s Care and Excel Children’s Care. Together there are almost 350 children whose lives have been very much affected by HIV/AIDS. As a result, many have been orphaned.

The Director, Fortunate Kibombo, and the children welcomed me with open arms and with song in their hearts.  The adults cooked for me and gave me a handmade dress as a gift for coming. The elders took me around their village and showed me how they live. Some of the Children took me on the walk they make to retrieve water which is quite a distance from their village.  He explained they would miss school in order to fetch the water.

I was also shown their schools.  The schools are situated on rented land and the structures are unfinished or temporary. There is a need for school supplies such as books, pencils and chalk boards, not to mention uniforms and shoes. There are caretakers who have to look after the children and provide for their needs.  They have a shortage of bedding and mattresses.  As far as health concerns, there is a very little supply of medicine and no transportation to the health clinic.

My goal was to observe then determine ways to help the children and assist to sustain their village.  There is a much bigger picture of the necessities they need, such as buying a cow to produce milk for the village which they can sell the milk as part of their economic sustainability.  As part of my mission, I intend to raise awareness and give some hope to their future.

Thank you to Fortunate, the Children and the Village for welcoming me and allowing me to visit your village.  For the few days I was there, I appreciate your hospitality and your willingness to let me share your story.  My goal is Give some Hope to the Children for a Brighter Future.