I had the pleasure of attending another Event hosted by Kidsave. Kidsave (www.kidsave.org)  is a non-profit organization that tries to find adoptive families for unadoptable kids in Los Angeles and abroad, including such as Columbia, Russia and Sierra Leone. In addition they also try to match hosts or mentors to these foster youth to help connect them with a caring adult to promote a better outcome for their future.  In California alone, more than 5000 children age out of government foster care without permanent homes or ties to family. Kidsave is trying to establish a better foundation for our Youth in Foster Care.

This Holiday Festival event provides perspective mentors, hosts and/or adoptive parents to come and interact with the children in a relaxed and festive setting. I was able to speak to someone who commented that her friend who had gone through the process of adoption, did not have the opportunity to meet and “mingle” with the youth prior to her choosing an child to adopt.  What an effective concept by Kidsave to help potential mentors, hosts or adoptive parents and the youth to become acquainted.

The Holiday Festival was hosted by Operation Children and Charlie Ebersol at his “Charlieland” Home.  What a marvelous event they planned for the Children.  Mr. Ebersol was a gracious host who gave 100% attention to each child who came up to talk to him.  It was a carnival-themed atmosphere with booth games, a Ferris Wheel, and the children could even Zip-Line!  There was a juggler, caricature artists and lots of food including popcorn and cotton candy.  We were paired into groups with the children, perspective hosts/familes and the volunteers. We started out with a getting to know session by playing “Jingle Mad Libs” and singing along together. Everyone just had a great time spending the day enjoying all the activities.

This is my second experience to take part in a Weekend Miracle Event by Kidsave.  I understand how important it is that both parties, the Child and the Adult(s), should feel comfortable to whom they are paired.  Again I cannot stress enough what a vital effort Kidsave is doing by training, holding events for the Foster Youth to meet perspective families to connect. I had a great time spending my time with an 11-year-old girl named Holly, who could not get enough of the festival games, juggler or the zip-line.  I also enjoyed meeting and greeting other youth and potential hosts.

Kidsave helps the Foster Youth to have a chance to be exposed to a family life or mentoring. This can improve the odds that are against them thus giving them a better outcome for the future.

Should you be interested in Mentoring, Hosting and/or Adopting, please visit Kidsave at www.kidsave.org.