Mother, Advocate and Friend

Each step of Linda Sanders’ life journey has strengthened her purpose and connection to others. One of six children, Linda was surrounded by love from her parents and siblings and cherishes the environment in which she was raised. She was born in Spain and grew up in Mexico and the United States. Even as a child, Linda pushed her limits and wanted to impact the world in positive ways. Whether it was rescuing neighborhood animals from abuse or neglect, or intervening when she learned of children in distress, Linda’s natural compassion drove her actions. As a young adult, Linda’s work ethic and tenacity made it possible for her to become a fitness model as well as an interior designer. Meanwhile, she also became more aware for the need to help people in her society, so she found more and more causes to actively support.

Today, Linda continues to impact the world in beautiful ways and to be a positive role model to her children. Her greatest pride and joy comes from seeing how her two sons, now ages eight and nine, are thriving and learning to make a difference.

As a philanthropist, Linda’s vision as CEO of her nonprofit organization, Hope So Bright, has always been to have a lasting effect on those in need by educating them, supporting their basic needs, and inspiring them to thrive.  Hope So Bright was created to raise awareness and provide grants for disadvantaged, under-served at-risk youth as well as orphanages abroad. “Inspired to demonstrate to my sons the importance of raising awareness for the greater good of society, I have formed my own non-profit organization to show them the importance of making a difference,” she explains.

She took on a global mission to help children in need around the world following trips to Peru and Uganda, where she witnessed firsthand the global orphan crisis and at-risk children worldwide. The estimated number of orphans globally currently reported by the US Government and UNICEF include 17.8 million children worldwide who have lost both parents (“double orphans”) and 153 million children worldwide who have lost either one parent (“single orphans”) or both.

When not raising awareness of good causes and running the world, Sanders dedicates her free time to her community. She is a certified Emergency Medical Technician who volunteers for Community Emergency Response Team(CERT) in her hometown of Manhattan Beach, CA.